30 Minute Complimentary Doula Consultation

I would be honored to help out at your birth, and I am excited for this next step! You will get tremendous value from our 30 minute complimentary consultation. You can expect to feel clear on what I offer, and even more clear on what YOU need, and how to begin reducing any pregnancy overwhelm.

All doulas have their own personality and specialties - I am nurturing, fun-loving, down-to-earth, and have more stamina than any person (even any other doula!) that I know. I am also a Yoga instructor, Lactation Counselor, and Childbirth Educator with the scientific research-base regarding maternity care at my fingertips. I have strong healing hands, and I’m skilled in acupressure, massage, babycare, cooking, herbal preparations, photography, music curating, organization, and facilitating ritual at lifecycle events. I have supported a good thousand+ new families through my classes and support groups over the past 12 years, and have attended hundreds of births at homes and all major birth facilities around NYC. I lean toward the holistic mostly because the evidence supports it and my instincts concur… I’ve traveled a lot, I’m fairly relatable to many different types of people. I pride myself on enhancing privacy at births, and default to plenty of quiet, intuitive, non-verbal communication. I also am blessed to have had two births that I LOVED! I grew up with the same “birth is scary and weird and gross” message that many of you did – but I transcended that view and can help you do it too. I personally had two homebirths and know that path well - I also love supporting hospital and birth center-based clients who have chosen good care providers, and I excel at teaching these clients positive, diplomatic self-advocacy skills.

I work with clients who are motivated to have the birth of their dreams, including investigating whether they’ve chosen the right doctor or midwife. I respect that everyone has different wishes for their births, and not everyone questions whether the medical practitioners are keeping up with the medical research. You will probably enjoy my services most if you are interested in taking an active decision-making role at your birth.

MY RATE is $2200. You may already know this is the going rate and it makes sense for you. Otherwise you may have felt excited by my website and your instinct is that I am a match. If budget is a concern, I urge you to stretch past your first big gulp and schedule this meeting. You might not imagine yet how investing in this service will benefit you exponentially (and save you money) in the long run. Your complimentary consultation can help you learn how to find funding or make room in your budget for the service relative to other baby supplies, etc, as well as understanding why it is so valuable. Women rate their births as the MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS IN THEIR LIVES - more than weddings or graduations - so it behooves us to budget and plan.

A seasoned doula can make all the difference at your birth. ALL doulas will aim to help you know when to call the midwife or go to the hospital - a seasoned doula really feels how long that is in her bones. ALL doulas will aim to foster positivity and cooperation with your care provider - a seasoned doula has had lots of experience with this delicate dance. ALL doulas are planning to stay up with you through the night - seasoned doulas really know how to help you alternate activity with rest so you’re not quite so spent by the end (always helpful, though especially so at a homebirth when you’re not “on the clock” in quite the same way). Ultimately a good personality match should be the deciding factor - these are just some useful things to keep in mind as you plan.

GETTING ON THE SAME PAGE AS YOUR PARTNER (IF APPLICABLE): I get contacted by either expectant parent. If you or your partner are more knowledgable about doulas than the others thus far, might I suggest that you insist on exploring the OPTION, no matter your final choices. Your birth can be an event more than a procedure. Long-term recovery, and your relationship with your partner, will be fostered knowing that no one other than the pregnant person made the decision how/where/with what support you give birth. As someone who had a doula at both of my births, I can tell you first-hand what a HUGE help it was, in so many little and so many big ways, for BOTH my husband and myself. I am here to help craft this lifelong memory with you.

Please book a time that both you and your partner (if applicable) can be on the call. And come with any questions you have!